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Race Update #2
We hope you made some great memories on Saturday. We were thrilled to see the gravel riding community doing what it does best – overcoming a daunting challenge while simultaneously appreciating the beauty around us, connecting with each other and having a lot of fun in the process, splittin’ the mitten from one freshwater ocean to another.


  • Thanks to Epic Race Timing for capturing the results, for those who haven’t seen them. Oh, by the way, timing sensors were used at some CPs instead of timing mats. We’ll make that clearer next year.
  • Kudos to top finishers, Ride into the Sunset award winners, middle of the packers, 2:30 am night owls and those who made a valiant attempt but were not able to cross the finish line.
  • In the 210-miler, 450 racers registered, 375 started, 320 finished. 85% finish rate (84% in 2018).
  • In the 100-miler, 176 registered, 151 started, 139 finished. 92% finish rate (92% in 2018).
  • You can watch the video of your glorious finish along Lake Michigan under your results page (in process).
  • One rules note: we were informed that a few racers may have swapped bikes at checkpoints, which was strictly and clearly prohibited. Also, wheels could not be swapped except if a rider had structural failure but was able to get to a CP on their own. We’ll watch more closely for this next year, but please follow this rule.


  • Trophies went to the first place finisher in each category, top 2 if there were 7 in a category; top 3 if there were 10 or more. Didn’t go to the Awards Ceremony and think you may have won a trophy? Go to the results and then sort by category and count how many racers were in your category. If you are eligible and want your award, send me an email. The trophy is a wood block like those shown to the right (or Michigan-shaped trophy if you were a 210 1st place finisher).
  • Let me know if you can pick up the item(s) at Grand Rapids Bicycle (GRBC) Ada, E. Paris or Fulton or Gazelle Sports Holland or Kalamazoo. Otherwise, we’ll have to charge for shipping and handling (probably $6-12).
  • For all Ride Into the Sunset (9:32 or earlier) winners who did not receive their wood block trophy, I will begin working on mailing those out this week and next. Thanks for your patience.


  • Leftover Deer (camo/green) shirts are $10 each or 2 for $15 plus shipping and handling (likely $6-12) or pick them up at GRBC at no extra charge.
  • Leftover Logo (blue) shirts are $17 each plus shipping and handling (higher priced because we will use these again next year; they are not dated).
  • Email me women’s or men’s cut, size and delivery preference. Will invoice via Square.


  • I’ll be placing an order for some more jerseys. If you would like one, email me your size and fit (slim, standard, relaxed).
  • $90-99 each depending on how many orders I get.


  • These items were turned in. If one is yours, email me to claim and figure out delivery option. Will deliver to GRBC or Gazelle Holland/Kzoo for free. Otherwise you pay for shipping.
  • Email me your item and delivery preference.

Thank You

  • Matt Acker for bringing his love for gravel, bike expertise, credibility, connections, and making my rough draft course sizzle and sing back in 2017.
  • Greg VanTol who has been there with me from the start, nine years and 50+ races ago. Greg oversaw the Coast Loop with a small, ragtag but great group of volunteers!
  • The volunteers. They were awesome, weren’t they? We had 33 this year. Could still use a few more so please help us recruit for next year!
  • The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) shuttle team and checkpoint monitor volunteers. What a great group and we heard so many of you were able to do the race only because of the shuttle service. Several thousand dollars will go to JDRF because of their support and your entry fees.
  • Sponsors Salsa Cycles (presenting), Grand Rapids Bicycle Company, Spindrift Cyclesports, Trailhead Bike Shop, Orange Mud, Velocity USA, Bike Law, Teravail, Train Out Pain, Ludington Pier House Motel, Three Toes Threadworks, Local Lines, Boeshield, Skratch Labs, Tim Parks LC, Jamie Geysbeek Photography and Rob Meendering Photography.Please support their businesses so that they will continue to support bike events and initiatives. Let them know you appreciate their involvement if you have a chance.
  • Special mention to Q Smokehouse for an $1,800 discount on the tasty pulled pork and jackfruit veggie option and Trailhead Bike Shop for the hours of time to serve all of you.
  • Other partners including Big Bend Campground, Point Au Gres Marina and Campground, Stearns Motel, City of Au Gres and Ludington, Gladwin and Marion High Schools, Dublin General Store
  • Your support crews. Without them, this race would not be possible!

Many of the improvements from year 1 to year 2 came from your suggestions. It takes a village. Share your thoughts below.
210 Coast to Coast Survey
100 Coast Loop Survey

Race Photos
Thanks to Rob Meendering (Coast to Coast) and Jamie Geysbeek (mostly Coast 100) for shooting the race. Keep in mind that they are not out to take a photo of every racer but to capture amazing moments that will remain after all that Manistee National Forest sand has washed away. If you don’t see yourself, sorry about that. We will do our best to capture you next year.

  • Coast to Coast 210 photos. Rob plays an important role in the Michigan bike community by capturing our races and our stories (and donating the wheel set via his job at Velocity USA). He charges race promoters a nominal fee with the idea that racers will hopefully find a photo they love and purchase it.
  • Coast Loop 100 (and some 210) photos. Check back on this link soon to see the race pics. Jamie has a different fee structure. I pay the fees, not Coast Loop 100 racers, so you can download photos for free once they are up on our Flickr site.

Our Upcoming Races
Michigan Adventure Race:Traverse City Edition
August 3
Experience similar great gravel grinding and forest road biking to Coast to Coast (and sweet singletrack) but we take away your GPS computer and give you topographic maps instead. You gotta find your way. Hike with teammates off trail to find flags in classic Michigan forests. Don’t know how to orienteer? It’s easy to learn, hard to master. Learn on our website or attend our Nav 101 clinic on July 20 at Seidman Park in Grand Rapids/Ada. 18 hour (Fri-Sat; includes paddling): 6-7 hour (Saturday). Teams of 1-4. Or check it out as a volunteer! Details and registration.

Lord of the Springs
September 14
Course design by Matt Acker and me. 37 or 24 miles of legendary Yankee Springs singletrack and Barry County (Barry-Roubaix area) gravel. There’s a new challenge and road surface around every corner: A 5-mile gravel thin-out, 6 miles of Deep Lake singletrack, 18 miles of Barry County gravel (and two of the three sections of the infamous Sager Road), 3 miles of Deep Lake, and a fast 5 mile finish sprint (including a plummet down sandy Basset Lake Rd downhill). Start/finish at Camp Manitou-Lin, just north of Yankee Springs. Waves to thin out the singletrack. Capped at 500 riders. Details and registration . Part of Matt’s Michigan Gravel Race Series.

Already looking forward to 2020.

Mark, for Greg and Matt

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