Divisions & Prizes

The race features cash, trophies, finisher awards and sponsor top prizes and swag. But no one does it for the stuff. It’s just a bonus. Age group ranges are subject to change based on how many are in each.

Men 16-29
Men 30-39
Men 40-49
Men 50-59
Men 60+
Men Single Speed Open
Men Fatbike Open (min. 3.7″ width)
Men Clydesdale (if demand)

Women 16-29
Women 30-39
Women 40-49
Women 50+
Women Single Speed Open
Women Fatbike Open (min. 3.7″ width)


Two-man Relay (Open)
Co-ed or two-woman Relay (Open)

We reserve the right to adjust prizes and divisions based on registration numbers.

Overall Winner Prizes
The 1st overall male and female will receive a cash prize equivalent to the number of paying registrants. So if 100 register, the top cash prize for men AND women would be $100; if 800 register, $800 to the top male and female.

First place will also receive this trophy.
2nd overall male and female will receive 67% of the first place prize and trophy.
3rd overall male and female will receive 50% of the first place prize and a trophy.
4th overall male and female will receive 33% of the first place prize.
5th overall male and female will receive 25% of the first place prize.

The trophies will be highly coveted, handcrafted from Michigan hardwoods by GlessBoards, a husband and wife team with 30 years of design experience.

Overall winners are pulled OUT of the divisions so a rider could bump up into the prizes from a lower place.

Divisional Prizes
A 1st place trophy and prize will be given if there are at least 5 racers in a division, 2nd place if 10 entrants, 3rd place if 15 (as of approx. 6 weeks before race).


  • Race shirt (soft blend, crew or scoop/v-neck) or socks (above the ankle).
  • C2C water bottle (high quality Specialized brand)
  • Buff (head/neckwear) from Orange Mud

We will order extras so most “late” registrants should receive the bottle and shirt or socks but it’s not guaranteed.

Ride into the Sunset Award
Everyone completing the 210-mile course by official sunset will receive a smaller version of the top finisher trophy (block form, not carved out).

Finisher Award
All finishers will receive a large barrel/Moscow Mule mug or tumblr (first come, first serve) with “FINISHER” on it, a custom C2C-Salsa finisher’s top cap (blue color to be added) and “210” sticker for your vehicle, car-top carrier or bike rack.

There will be a raffle at the Sunday morning awards ceremony at the Stearns Hotel banquet room, including a wheelset from Velocity USA. Sign up on BikeReg to reserve your seat.