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Can I do this race self-supported or do I need a support vehicle?
The 200+ mile race requires a rescue/support vehicle in the general area to pick you up if you drop out due to mechanical, injury, severe weather, etc. We are not set up (in year 1 at least) to take on that responsibility for the entire field over the entire width of the peninsula, especially considering the possibility of a major weather event that strands, say, dozens of self-supported bikers spread out along the course.

You do NOT need to meet up with your crew at checkpoints. You don’t ever have to see them for the entire race except the start and finish. You need a vehicle in the area as a rescue option, but your ride can in a way be fully self-supported and we’ll provide lots of beta on various convenience stores and other goodie stops along the way. We are highly recommending a maximum of 3 or 4 bikers to utilize the same rescue vehicle provided they are generally of the same speed. For groups riding together, we may allow more bikers to be supported by a crew vehicle. Please contact us.

You do NOT need a support crew to be in your vacinity for the 100 mile race, but you do need someone who can pick you up if you need to drop out.

What type of bike do you recommend?
Each bike type has advantage and disadvantages. The key questions are what are your goals for the race? Are you hoping for a top performance or is it more about just making it to the finish before the 21 hour cut-off? You do NOT need a specialty gravel or cyclocross race to perform well. Speeds are not a whole lot different for most riders. A mountain bike trades some weight and aerodynamics for a more comfortable ride, important for an all-day event. In an ideal world, your mountain bike should have tires designed for gravel road racing, a shock you can lock out, and weight reductions where possible. Read more here.

How do I train for the Coast to Coast?
If you’re not familiar with TrainerRoad, they have a plan for the 200+ mile Dirty Kanza held 3 weeks after C2C that would work equally well. It emphasizes building a base for the majority of the time between now and the race (Sweet Spot Base I and II), adding power (Sustained Power Build) and a new Century Specialty phase to address specific C2C needs. This works best in conjunction with the $12/month TrainerRoad subscription/app (and NetFlix!) but you can use it for outdoor training too. Zwift is another popular online training service to check out.

Is there a cap or limit to the number of registrations?
Currently we’ve set the cap at 700 men (no restrictions on the number of women). The only constraint we have is the size of the facility in Ludington for the awards and recap. It fits 500. But because we are doing awards Saturday evening, many bikers will still be on the course so the cap may go up.

Why on Mother’s Day weekend?
Every other weekend in April, May and June either has a long-standing, beloved local bike race or a holiday on it. We’ll do awards on Saturday evening to allow those of you who get done by then to get home Saturday late evening if you wish. With a support crew, others should be able to drive home early Sunday. To celebrate moms, we hope to give out flowers and, until the end of 2017, all mom racers doing the 210 miler get $13 off their entry (for May 13) with code 18c2cmomsrock13d. If another date opens up for 2019 or beyond, we will likely move the race off Mother’s Day weekend.

April 1-8 Spring Break
April 15 Easter
April 21 Barry Roubaix
April 28 Yankee Time Trial
May 5 Hellkaat Hundred, Mud Sweat and Beers, Fort Custer Stampede
May 12 Coast to Coast, Mother’s Day
May 19 Arcadia Grit and Gravel
May 26 Memorial Day weekend
June 2 Dirty Kanza
June 9 DK recovery, Lumberjack prep
June 16 Lumberjack
June 23 Grand Fondo, likely Gus Macker in Ludington in 2019
June 30 start of 4th of July vacation week

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