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Rider Stories

A point-to-point journey of any kind – whether on a bike or not – represents a departure, a realization that you’re never going back. Many of you were drawn to Coast to Coast 200 and the Coast Loop 100 because of this. We’re grateful to hear of racers who have battled cancer, obesity, abuse or … Read More

Training Strategies

Hopefully you’ve been on your bike at least a little bit and maybe even started a training program in earnest. If you’re a bit behind, fear not, as long as you haven’t been sedentary for the last 6 months you’ll be just fine. This blog isn’t aimed to replace a specific workout plan or regimen, … Read More

Tire & Wheel Considerations

We’ve seen a lot of questions and swirl around what tires and wheel size to run for the Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder. This isn’t a unique topic of conversation for an event of this magnitude and there are many opinions out there. My goal with this blog post is to put down my opinions … Read More

Cue Sheets & Holders

Managing Cue Sheets and DIY Cue Sheet Holders Even if your plan for the Coast to Coast gravel grinder is to navigate using your smartphone, Garmin, Wahoo or other computer device it’s always good to have cue sheets as a backup. In fact, for Coast to Coast you MUST carry cue sheets as a back-up. … Read More

Cycling Computers & Rig Set Up

So, you’ve signed up or are getting ready to sign up for the Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder? Hopefully you’ve read my blog post about bike setup and the course so you have a rig in mind? Alright, you’re on top of it! Now what you’re probably wondering is “Hey, I see there’s this course … Read More

Final Preparations

You might be starting to fret or worry over small and large details such as your training, tire size, bike selection, nutrition, etc… My best advice to you is to stop worrying so much and go with what you know works for you, even if someone else says there’s a better way. More comfortable on … Read More