Divisions & Prizes

The race features pretty fantastic trophies, top prizes, finisher awards, swag, and raffle prizes. But no one does it for the stuff. It’s just a bonus. Divisions and age group ranges are subject to deletion or change based on how many are in each.

Due to the large number of men 30-59 years in the 210-mile men’s age groups, groups are now every five years instead of ten. Women’s and 100-mile age groups will be split if their size warrants it. Age is on race day.

Men under 30
Men 30-34 (100-mile is 30-39)
Men 35-39
Men 40-44 (100-mile is 40-49)
Men 45-49
Men 50-54 (100-mile is 50-59)
Men 55-59
Men 60+
Men Single Speed Open
Men Fatbike Open (min. 3.7″ width)
Men Clydesdale Open (New! Your weight on race day must be greater in lbs. than 3 x your height in inches (e.g., 6 feet tall = 72 inches x 3 = 216 lbs)

Women under 40
Women 40-49
Women 50+

Women Single Speed Open
Women Fatbike Open (min. 3.7″ width)

Tandem (Open)

Two-man Relay (Open)

Open Relay

Top Finisher Prizes
The trophies will be highly coveted, handcrafted from Michigan hardwoods by GlessBoards, a husband and wife team with 30 years of design experience.

Finisher Awards
All finishers will receive a tumbler or beer mug (first come, first serve on the choice), a custom top/stem cap and “210” sticker.


Ride into the Sunset Award
Everyone completing the 210-mile course by sunset time will receive this wood plaque/block.


  • Race shirt or socks
  • Neck gaiter/buff
  • Water bottle

We will order extras so most week-of registrants should receive the gaiter and water bottle but it’s not guaranteed.