2019 Results

  • Thanks to Epic Race Timing for capturing the results, for those who haven’t seen them. Oh, by the way, timing sensors were used at some CPs instead of timing mats. We’ll make that clearer next year.
  • Kudos to top finishers, Ride into the Sunset award winners, middle of the packers, 2:30 am night owls and those who made a valiant attempt but were not able to cross the finish line.
  • In the 210-miler, 450 racers registered, 375 started, 320 finished. 85% finish rate (84% in 2018).
  • In the 100-miler, 176 registered, 151 started, 139 finished. 92% finish rate (92% in 2018).
  • You can watch the video of your glorious finish along Lake Michigan under your results page.
  • One rules note: we were informed that a few racers may have swapped bikes at checkpoints, which was strictly and clearly prohibited. Also, wheels could not be swapped except if a rider had structural failure but was able to get to a CP on their own. We’ll watch more closely for this next year, but please follow this rule.