Michigan’s Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder

June 28, 2025

204 miles from Au Gres on Lake Huron to Ludington on Lake Michigan or…

100 mile loop from Ludington to the Manistee National Forest and back

“Coast to Coast has changed my life. It has been the pivotal moment of every year for me since 2018… You treat riders like friends and family and it’s commendable.” -Nick L

Race the setting sun as you cross the mighty Mitten on bicycle – from coast to stunning freshwater coast. In pursuit of rugged adventure, we discovered a route that stitches together fast gravel roads and signature two-tracks, spanning Michigan’s lower peninsula. With heart pumping challenges and breathtaking views, the course is the only one on Earth that links two freshwater oceans… and it’s waiting for you.

Start your day at the sunrise shores of Lake Huron. Make one all-out push west, 204 miles through Michigan farmlands and grasslands, rolling hardwoods, the majestic Manistee National Forest, all the way to the sandy beaches of Lake Michigan at Ludington. Or try our challenging 100-mile Ludington-Manistee National Forest loop.

If Michigan is America’s high five, the Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder is how you earn it.

So much good information on this site, but once you read through it, be sure to join our Facebook community page and ask questions from the racers who’ve already experienced the adventure!

Coast to Coast is traditionally the 4th Saturday in June each year, but dates may change.