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218-Mile Race Details

The Coast to Coast gravel grinder will not be known for its gravel, ironically, but for everything that’s NOT gravel – the forest roads, the two-tracks, the snowmobile trails. We’re not in Kansas anymore. Much of the second half of the course is heavily forested, closed in, constantly changing. It’s a 100% rideable, challenging, roller coaster ride. Set your eyes on the glorious sunset over Lake Michigan or ride into the night to get to the finish line on time.


  • Date: May 12, 2018
  • Start: Saginaw Bay, between Standish and Au Gres
  • Finish: Stearns Park, Ludington
  • Distance: Currently 218 miles but subject to small change (likely downward if at all).
  • Cap: 700 male riders (no cap for female riders)

Course Design
Matt Acker, co-course designer, who knows Michigan’s gravel roads and gravel racing better than anyone, and I have teamed up to create a course you will be sure to love, With his gravel experience and our management of 40 races since 2011, this is sure to be a memorable, dialed-in adventure.

The course is highlighted by blistering fast gravel and challenging, scenic two-tracks, seasonal roads and snowmobile trails. See the Route page for details.

You’ll never forget racing westward toward the amazing sunset over Lake Michigan. Lots of great gravel races out there but none has a Lake Michigan sunset as the goal. Finish your race in one of the great outdoor towns in the country, Ludington, touching the waters of Lake Michigan and completing your amazing adventure.

I arrive at the finish a better person. – Rebecca Rusch, world champion mountain biker (and gravel road lover)

Ludington provides an ideal finish town for venues, lodging, breweries and love for the outdoors. Ludington is just 1.25-3 hours away from the majority of racers so your support team could get you home without even needing lodging, although staying at the Holiday Inn next to our HQ/awards center would be a well-deserved reward!

Support Crew

  • You must have a support crew available (but necessarily present at all checkpoints) to you throughout the race. You can still do the race self-supported but we will not be responsible for retrieving stranded racers. We will have a sweeper vehicle to close down checkpoints as all racers get through them.
  • A support crew can support up to three racers. Our recommendation is that racers be of performance levels at least somewhat similar with each other so the crew can stay in close proximity to all.
  • You’ll likely drive together to the check-in and start so that no vehicles will be left at the start, but it’s not required.
  • Support crew must be with you at the pre-race meeting Friday evening. Exceptions may be allowed as long as the support crew connects with race organizers in advance regarding logistics, rules, etc.
  • Your crew can meet you at three checkpoints/aid stations along the way. They are required to be somewhere within your general area so that they can retrieve you if you drop (call 911 for emergencies first).
  • Your crew must use different routes than the official race course. If they reach you in between checkpoints for any reason, you will be required to drop out of the race. If you are able and safe, you must make it to the next (or previous) checkpoint to receive aid or seek it from another racer or someone along the course (unplanned).
  • You are allowed to check in at checkpoints without your support crew and re-supply at convenience stores, gas stations, etc. in checkpoint towns or anywhere else, as long as you return to the point at which you exited the course to access aid.
  • Your support team should meet you at the Lake Michigan shore and celebrate with you as you touch the water of a Great Lake for the second time that day, under your own power.

Endurance is all about heart. — Bear Grylls

Schedule (tentative)

Friday, May 11
Check-in, Big Bend Campground, Standish (Lake Huron side): 3:00 – 8:00 pm
Pre-race Dinner & Meeting, Big Bend Campground: 8:30 pm

Saturday, May 12
Final Race Announcements, 2929 S Hale Rd (3 miles south of Big Bend): 5:45 am
Start, Saginaw Bay channel, 2929 S Hale, 6:12 am (sunrise)
Checkpoint #1 (Gladwin) Cut-off: TBD
Checkpoint #2 (Marion) Cut-off: TBD
Checkpoint #3 (Dublin) Cut-off: TBD
Awards Ceremony: TBD
Sunset Award Cut-off: 9:02 pm

Sunday, May 13
Cut-off, Stearns Park Beach,  Ludington: 3:00 am  (10.3 mph average)

Check-in (and Recommended Friday Night Lodging)
Big Bend Family Campground
513 Conrad Rd, Standish, MI 48658

  • $10 per night for group tenting area
  • $32 per night for sites with electric
  • Call 989.653.2267 to reserve.
  • You may lodge anywhere you’d like as long as you attend the pre-race meeting in person with your crew.
  • Search here for Standish (west of check-in) and Au Gres (east of check-in) lodging.


  • 2929 S Hale Rd, Standish, MI 48658
  • You will start this race while touching Lake Huron and you will finish this race by touching Lake Michigan. That pretty much HAS to be the case, right?
  • Sunrise is 6:12 am so make sure you have your front and rear lights on.


  • Stearns Park Beach, Ludington (permit pending)
  • Touch Lake Michigan to finish your quest.
  • Sunset is at 9:02; a good goal to shoot for! We will welcome you with a hearty congrats, food and drink if the concession stand is closed.



  • Stay at the convenient, top-rated Holiday Inn Ludington connected to the Greystone Convention Center where we’ll do awards and post-race wrap-up. Please let them know that you are with the race. We get money back toward the $3,000 convention center cost if you stay there, which helps us keep your entry fees low next year.
  • Discounted 2-queen room rate: $110.46
  • Free Breakfast Bar, Indoor Heated Pool, Jacuzzi, Fitness Room, Guest
    Laundry, High Speed Internet.

If you are racing the 77-mile option, you may wish to stay at Caberfae Peaks Resort. Friday, May 11 rate is $89 for single or double occupancy.

Official Checkpoint/Support Crew Locations
Checkpoint #1 (Gladwin)
Cut-off: TBD

Checkpoint #2 (Marion)
Cut-off: TBD

Checkpoint #3 (Dublin)
Cut-off: TBD

Shirts & Merchandise

  • Race shirt $15. Design TBD. Order online with registration to guarantee availability.
  • Short-sleeved, tech/wicking
  • women’s shirt specifications | men’s shirt specifications
  • Extra Coast to Coast stainless steel pints available at the race for $10 each.
  • Looking for Michigan Adventure Racing gear (shirts, sweatshirts, pints, headwear/buffs, stickers)? Contact us and we’ll have it at the race for you.

Peak to Coast option (77 miles)
Start at Caberfae Peaks Resort. 10 am. 3 am cut-off (but certainly won’t take you that long!). Same route and finish as Coast to Coast. One checkpoint in Dublin. Support crew required. Please sign up on the Register page.


  • Race organizers reserve the right to cancel the event in the case of extended severe weather or any emergency situation.
  • We will do everything possible to get the event in, but refunds are not available if it is cancelled due to significant costs we must pay in advance of the race. In all likelihood, we would adjust start and finish times to dodge bad weather. If you encounter severe weather during your ride, definitely seek shelter!

Open Facebook Page
Check out our Facebook informational page for more general ride communication from the organizers.

Closed Facebook Group
Forum (to come) to connect with other riders, seek support crew, transportation to/from the start, and to have questions answered from veteran endurance riders.

Consider using #C2C and #C2C2018 tags for photos, posts, and tweets on social media.

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