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I attribute my performance to great preparation, a little bit of luck and a whole lot of suffering. – Rebecca Rusch

Additional rules to be added. Consult this page again before the race for a full listing of rules. You may be disqualified for violations of rules.

Support Crews (aka Rescue Crews)

  • Support crews may support up to three riders. We may allow exceptions for large crew vans or other arrangements. Contact us.
  • Support vehicles as well as spectator vehicles must stay off of the race course. You may NOT follow along your biker or meet them at any point during the race except at the three designated checkpoints. You must take other roads to reach each checkpoint and the finish line.
  • The primary purpose of the crew is rescue, not support. Support can be provided ONLY at the designated checkpoints.
  • On-the-road support by a rider’s crew is encouraged to address medical/safety concerns but would result in a disqualification from the official standings.
  • If you break down between checkpoints and the checkpoint you already visited is much closer, you may return back to that CP for help from your crew.

Neutral/Other Support

  • You may access “neutral area” support such as convenience stores, gas stations, public water access and racer or resident help, but only if not pre-planned. There is reasonable cell phone coverage along almost the entire route to communicate between racer and support crew. There are gaps in the Manistee National Forest. Ask other riders if they can call your crew if needed or move to another location for coverage.
  • You may ask for and receive support from another racer such as tools, food and drink, directions and repair support. We’ve decided to NOT allow a racer to tow another due to safety issues of being connected to each other. You may assist a racer with your hand on their bike in order to help them get to the next checkpoint for assistance. Racers receiving this assistance will not be eligible for top finisher prizes.
  • Pacing is allowed. You may pace any other rider. You may block the wind for any other rider.


  • You must LEAVE designated checkpoints by the times listed under Race Details and in pre-race communications. If you arrive at the checkpoint before the cut-off but are not able to leave by the cut-off time, you’ll be required to end your race there. Your crew can drive you to the finish or head home.
  • You will check in with a volunteer at each checkpoint. Please provide your race number. Your crew is responsible for sharing your progress online or through other channels with friends and family. You will be chip timed and your results will be posted online after the race.
  • The volunteer/staff may ask to see your headlamp and rear light.


  • A standard two-wheel bike (no motors) and helmet is mandatory.
  • Tri or aero bars are allowed.
  • Lock up your bikes when you will not be with them. We are not responsible for damaged or stolen bikes.
  • All riders must carry the printed cue sheet at a minimum. A GPS cycling computer is recommended as well. All riders using a cycling computer should carry a back-up battery (don’t forget cord; hook it up at the start).
  • Riders must have a fully charged rear light on at the start of the race that is capable of staying on until 3 am. Please have your support crew carry an extra rear light and put on at the final checkpoint.
  • Riders must have a fully charged front handlebar light and/or headlamp on at the start of the race until light. If the start of the race is light, race staff will allow the front light to stay with the support crew until needed at dusk and until the finish.
  • Number plates must be handlebar mounted via twist ties (not zip ties) with the number visible to staff in front of the bike. Not on your back, hydration pack, pocket, etc.
  • Do not trim, fold, cut holes in, or bend number plates.
  • Please carefully dispose of wrappers and other trash, especially while riding. Use a pocket or gear bag that is designated just for trash so that you’re not trying to pull unwrapped food from where the trash is.

Course Violations & Disputes

  • Racers should hold each other accountable for following the course and report any violations to race staff. If a racer reappears ahead of others, they should be informed of their mistake.
  • Racers going off course must determine where they left the course and must return to that point or they will be disqualified.
  • Race staff reserve the right to assign penalties or disqualifications. Penalties can be assigned in amounts much greater than any time savings gained from unintentionally following an incorrect route to ensure that there is no benefit gained.
  • When results are posted riders will have 30 minutes to contest or dispute results. After that results are final.

Safety & Severe Weather

  • Roads will not be closed for the race. You are responsible for obeying the Michigan Vehicle Code as it applies to bicycles. You must stop at all stop signs, no more than two riders abreast.
  • Please ride off to the right side of the road when possible.
  • Headphones/earbuds are not allowed.
  • Any physical altercations will result in disqualification
  • In the case of severe weather such as lightning/thunderstorms, please take shelter in a vehicle or building until it has passed. Do not shelter under trees. If you have no choice, choose a forest rather than an open field or near a large body of water.
  • Because there may be severe weather in one part of the course while some racers are in another part, the clock will continue to run. If there are long delays, we will consider extending the final cut-off time to encourage riders to take shelter in severe weather.
  • When facing an emergency, first call 911 and then call your support crew. Do not neglect getting help from your crew if there’s a medical emergency.
  • Race officials reserve the right to delay the start if unsafe weather conditions are present
  • We will have a sweeper vehicle for anyone that might get missed by their support crew.
  • If you decide to drop out of the race, please inform or have your support crew inform us.
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