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What Not to Do

What Not to Do

Matt Acker’s endurance gravel experience will be invaluable to many of you who haven’t raced many (or any!) monster one-day races. He’s a great example of what to do. When he returns from his Baja adventure, he’ll post more advice via blog and Facebook. As a first-year bike racer, I’m a good example of what […]

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GPS Cycling Computers & Rig Set Up

GPS Cycling Computers & Rig Set Up

So, you’ve signed up or are getting ready to sign up for the Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder? Hopefully you’ve read my blog post about bike setup and the course so you have a rig in mind? Alright, you’re on top of it! Now what you’re probably wondering is “Hey, I see there’s this course […]

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Course Tour, Bike & Tire Choices

Course Tour, Bike & Tire Choices

With Coast to Coast Gravel Grinder being a first year event there’s a definite lack of “tribal knowledge” among the cycling community in regards to the typical things us cyclists obsess about before a big event. What bike is best suited for the race? Which tires should I run and at what pressure? What gear […]

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