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Divisions & Prizes

All prizes are subject to change in year 1. We hope to have details resolved by March 1, 2018.

Men 16-29
Men 30-39
Men 40-49
Men 50-59
Men 60+
Men Single Speed (Open)
Men Fatbike (Open)

Women 16-39
Women 40-49
Women 50+
Women Single Speed (Open)
Women Fatbike (Open)

Tandem (min. one female to be eligible for prizes, male-male tandems will be separate; prizes if any TBD)

Fatbikes: minimum 3.7” tire width

We reserve the right to adjust prizes and divisions based on registrations.

Overall Winner Prizes
Top 3 overall men and women get a trophy and a pick of sponsor gear/gift card.

Overall winners are pulled OUT of the divisions so a rider could bump up into the prizes from a lower place.

Divisional Prizes
A 1st place prize will be given if there are a minimum of 3 entrants in the division.
A 2nd place prize will be given if there are a minimum of 5 entrants in the division.
3rd place prize will be given if there are a minimum of 10 entrants in the division.

1st place finishers will get first pick of the sponsor prizes. 2nd place will get next and so on. Top finishers in each division will also receive a smaller version of the trophy pictured above.

Finisher Award
All finishers will receive a custom C2C-Salsa finisher’s top cap similar to this one and a “100” sticker for your vehicle, car-top carrier or bike rack.

Raffle winners will be announced BEFORE the race so that those still racing through the night don’t miss out. Support crews should grab racers’ raffle prizes on Friday evening. If you are doing the Coast Loop 100, grab Saturday morning before the race.

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